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Here’s What’s Included
Inside HowdyAds Instant Job Finder!

A State-Of-The-Art Built-In Job Finder

This amazing platform that you can access from right inside your HowdyAds dashboard – lists all the ad gigs that are currently open for offers in the market.

Just enter a keyword – and you’ll be instantly staring at a host of gigs that you can send offers to.

Select the ones that fit your taste and send unbeatable offers… knowing that your offers would win due to superior quality of your ads and the competitive rates you would be able to offer (because you’d be creating these ads in minutes with HowdyAds).

Get ready for an avalanche of projects hurling down your way.

Done-For-You High-Converting Proposal Templates

Just present our proven to convert, a highly persuasive proposal to your prospects, and watch them BEG you to take their money...

These are the exact proposals that our existing clients have used to generate millions of dollars in pure profit by selling their ads to businesses and marketers.

Professionally designed and specifically crafted to convince your prospect why they NEED to use your ads if they want to see fantastic results in their businesses!

Pre-Made High Converting Profile Gig

As a new seller, you want to offer the best experience possible for your customers.

That’s the reason you get pre-created gig that will take center stage and help you stand out from the rest.

This gig is created by our team of professional ad designers. The benchmark that they will set is ONLY achievable using HowdyAds.

This will leave your competition to dust and help you charge a premium fee for the amazing ads you’d offer to your clients.

Highlight And Save Your Preferred Jobs

Have a full plate at the moment? No problem.

Just put the gig that have been made for you on a personal roster and pick it whenever you want.

Smart Project Management System

Listen – this is a very important feature.

You may not realize it right now – but you’d be overwhelmed pretty soon with the sheer number of projects landing in your lap.

The word on good work spreads like wildfire.

And soon you’d want to delegate creating ads to your team as well.

With the built-in Project Management System – you can simply add your team members to your account and assign them the role of editing a particular template or creating a new one from the scratch.

The assigned member can only edit or create the template and does not get access to any other part of your account.

This way you keep the master control over your business in your hands.

Project Review System

This built-in feature serves a dual purpose.

Firstly, this can help you collaborate with your team members working on a particular Howdyads project for you.

You and/or your team members can easily leave suggestions on an on-going project so that any improvements or changes needed can be integrated.

Secondly (and more importantly) you can even invite your clients to give their feedback and suggestions about the project that you are working on for them.

This makes you come across as a highly professional agency that cares about their clients’ needs and opinions.


HowdyAds Instant Job Finder

  • Find High Paying Ad Gigs In 1-Click
  • Turn These Leads Into Clients
  • And Potential Deals Into Dollars
  • State-Of-The-Art Built-In Job Finder
  • Done-For-You High-Converting Proposal Templates
  • Pre-Made High Converting Profile Gig
  • Highlight And Save Your Preferred Jobs
  • Smart Project Management System
  • Project Review System
  • All in One System that finds clients & converts them for you

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  • Highlight And Save Your Preferred Jobs

  • Smart Project Management System

  • Project Review System

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